Design matters. It’s how we express ourselves. And how we interact with the world around us.

Every space has a story. In hospitality environments, design is intentional, supporting culture and brand. Byrne’s nearly limitless styles and features can help you tell that story—using the same products that allow your guests to make powerful connections with technology and each other.


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Seamless Customization

Power matters. It’s pivotal and personal. It’s a connection that can actually change how we feel about a space.

Power is an essential part of nearly every guest experience today. At Byrne, we love what we do and our expertise makes us a global power leader. Driven by innovative thinking, we’re passionate problem solvers with specialized, dedicated resources to support the hospitality industry. Can’t find what you want? We’ll help you customize the perfect solution.

You matter. And so does your project. Let us power the very best experience…because even little things make a big difference.

Yes, you’re on our About Us page, but this is really about you. The work you do is complicated. With countless details to consider, it’s not your job to understand the power business too. It’s ours. That’s why everything Byrne makes is built to last, UL listed and sourced from sustainable materials wherever possible. Because it all matters.


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Keeping technology charged and comfortably within reach is a big part of feeling right at home – wherever you are.

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When you’re on the move, staying connected is major. And that means easy power access across a variety of spaces.

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From business dinners to drinks with friends, when restaurants serve up the power to stay charged, it’s a welcome benefit.

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Even when you’re kicking back, your tech never is. Stay happily plugged in with indoor and outdoor-friendly power that goes where you go.

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